Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Merchant of Rochester

Ever since I started working at The Store, it's been my policy in this space to mention as little as possible about my day-to-day doings there, because I don't want anything I write in this blog to be interpreted in any way as a "statement by an employee" of my company. I've taken this policy to such a degree that I do not even mention The Store by name in this space, although it doesn't really take an investigative mind of Colombo-like ability to figure out just where I work.

But I'm going to set that personal policy aside for just this post, because my company's chairman and, well, beloved patriarch died this afternoon. While this man wouldn't know me from Adam were I to approach him, he is directly responsible for the creation of a company in which I believe strongly and for a working environment which I'd never thought possible before I worked there. The people at The Store, both my supervisors and my co-workers, were of immeasurable support to me and to my family all during Little Quinn's life and in the terribly hard days that followed after Little Quinn's life ended, and it all began with the man who passed away today at the age of 87. I owe him my gratitude, and I honor him today.

So farewell, Mr. Wegman.

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