Monday, April 03, 2006

Sentential Links #44

GAHHH! I was just happily collecting this week's Sentential Links when Firefox crashed, and I lost the post. Damn it all! I had some good ones, too. I'll try to remember the ones I picked, but I'll probably miss one or two.

:: "Beaver in disloyalty kisses the drizzle's price" (Huh?)

:: It's too bad that teaching courtship/sex to young men is no longer a respectable occupation.

:: Indeed, DST is a huge pain in the ass for everyone. (Yeah, I hate DST too.)

:: At forty years and two months, I came to the birds.

:: So aside from slogans, what's the Republican plan?

:: One of the reasons I write in this space is because I consider well crafted prose a form of art and refuse to adopt a blasé attitude as concerns my own writing.

Well, that's it. I had more before, but then the post got scorched, and I need to do some other work. More next week.

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