Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sentential Link (special edition)

In yesterday's posting of this week's Sentential Links, I focused on the bloggers whose work has been featured this week at Jayne Says as Jayne's been out of town. However, I thought Jayne was returning to blogging today, which turns out to not be the case: she's returning tomorrow, so there's one more blog I have to feature sententially. So here it is:

:: Last night, something unprecedented happened: I went a whole evening without downloading any internet porn.

There. A great wrong, rectified. At last I can rest in peaceful slumber! (But not until after I feed and bathe The Daughter. And watch American Idol. And drink some cola laced with Spum. My work is never done, it seems.)

(Oh, and the post above reminds me of something. As much as I think YouTube may be the greatest damn thing in the history of the Interweb -- and that's coming from a guy who once thought that Gopher was the coolest possible thing on the Interweb -- it turns out that there are, indeed, less than ideal uses for YouTube. For example, you can watch in awe as some person demonstrates some mad Minesweeper skills. Hoo baby!)

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