Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank God for the Moral Guardians

Via Bitch Ph. D I note a new wrinkle in the thing about pharmacists refusing to fill certain prescriptions to women, such as the "morning after" pill, birth control, and other women's health drugs, on "moral" grounds: now they may be refusing to fill prescriptions for drugs they do actually carry because they don't approve of the medical professional writing the script.

What nauseating rubbish that is. And I really wish reporters covering stories like these would ask these moralizing pharmacists if they fill men's prescriptions for Viagra.

And frankly, the argument that pharmacies are businesses and businesses should be allowed to decide for themselves what products they'll sell is crap. Yes, pharmacies are businesses -- but they're not like the corner 7-11, and this isn't like Wal-Mart deciding to not stock nudie rags in the magazine section. Pharmacists are medical professionals who have to undergo a lot of schooling to attain their license, and there are ethical guidelines for medical professionals. If you don't want to fill certain prescriptions, then don't become a pharmacist. It's that simple.

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