Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pour me another draft!

I'm just going to throw this up here for reference, when I post again tomorrow to bitch about the Buffalo Bills' draft selections. Anyhow, today will see Rounds One through Three of the Draft. The Bills have four picks in those rounds (with two picks in the third round, by virtue of last year's trade of Travis Henry to the Titans). If the Bills do not have at least three new linemen, either offensive or defensive or some combination thereof, when Day One is over, I will be...annoyed.

The Bills have not been a force at the line of scrimmage since the late 90s. Pussyfooting around with fullbacks and wide receivers and having an open competition for the quarterback of the future isn't going to cut it. I'm judging Marv Levy's inaugural season as General Manager by how the team does at the line of scrimmage, because winning teams are good at the line of scrimmage.

Here we go. Next stop, training camp!

(By the way, I'm sure that lots of good analysis and rantage will be available over at BFLOBlog. Check those fellows too.)

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