Sunday, April 09, 2006

On This Date

All the cool kids over in LiveJournalopia are apparently doing this: you plug your birthdate into Wikipedia and then report back a handful of notable things that happened on your birthdate, a few notable folks who share your birthday, and a few unfortunate folks who chose your birthday to shuffle off this mortal coil. SO what the hey? All of the following happened on September 26.

1580: Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe. (I'm a tad baffled by this, since it implies that he did it in one day. Did he embark on his journey on 9-26, or did he complete it?)

1957: West Side Story opened on Broadway.

1969: Abbey Road was released.

Births on 9-26:

1774: Johnny Appleseed

1891: Charles Munch

1898: George Gershwin

1956: Linda Hamilton (although I may go back in time and see if I can't undo this one)

Deaths on 9-26:

1820: Daniel Boone

1945: Bela Bartok

2003: Robert Palmer

Also, I note that September 26 is the date of "Bureflux", a holiday of the Discordian religion: the "Season Holyday of the Season of Bureaucracy". Ummm...OK.

Go ahead and play, folks. To make it easier, instead of doing an actual Wikipedia search on your birthdate, here's the form of the URL you'll eventually reach:

Just change that date as it appears above, and make sure to capitalize the month before plugging it into your browser.

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