Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Best of 2006!

Find below a list of the Best Posts from this blog in 2006, as chosen by a selection committee of...well, me. Any newer readers may enjoy perusing these posts -- after which time they may break their fingers in their haste to click the "Back" button on their browsers, but hey, you never know.

First, I'll single out the two complete short stories I posted in this space this year: "Elizabeth and Andrew", a tale about music and love and letters exchanged across time in a library book, and "What Happened to the Huntsman?", which reveals, well, what happened to the Huntsman in Snow White.

How to make Pastitsio
Entering the Wagnerian Universe
How to Drill Screws Into Masonry
Dinner at Buffalo's Gaudiest Restaurant
My first BloggerCon: a smashing success!
I'm uneasy about the prospects for Spiderman 3
Mozart at 250
Mozart at 250, part deux
Jonah Goldberg, Boy Idiot
Stuff I've Done (a blog quiz thing)

Thurman. Still waiting for Canton. Grrrrr.
Lester and Julio: a portentous arrival
R Stillers won the Super Bowl!
Tough Love (a short story)
John Scalzi is evil and must be destroyed.
Kid-Lit (a blog quiz thing)
Fueling my blog-quiz addiction
ER needs a DNR
A blog-quiz about books

Back to Fionavar
The magic of used books
A musical blog-quiz
Yet another blog-quiz
Still another blog-quiz (Do you detect a theme here?)
Dick Cheney: evil alien disguised as a man

Rum. I like it.
James Bond, Cold Warrior?
Book review: The Stupidest Angel
Thoughts on Narnia
Borodin and my entry into the world of string quartets
Response to SDB's article on Hayao Miyazaki
Into the Depths of the Stars! (announcing my space-opera reading project)

Ice Cream: I Like It
Filing CDs: My system for musical madness
Liveblogging the West Wing series finale
Weirdness from the Mouths of Libertarians

Worst Incentive EVER.
Oh NO! Someone will see Teh Boobies!
Why customer service sucks in this country
Cat versus Toilet Paper
Superman Returns

I am a Patriot
How I nearly quit blogging entirely, but returned out of spite
On the fountain pen
Superman's Secret Identity (incomprehensible to non-Buffalonians)
Fun with Fruit and Mayonnaise (and not what you think, either)
How to Write like Mary Kunz Goldman
Favorite Episodes of Favorite TV Shows
Recapping the Renaissance Faire

How Dead Poets Society should have ended
Ask Me Anything!: The Roundup (with links to the earlier posts in that series)
King Kong
A quiz about books
Cars: what a weird movie!
The birth-pangs of the New Middle East
Screw the high school football players.
The Sparrow
Favorite TV characters of mine
A post in which I get hot under the collar because some nitwit badmouths Buffalo

GAH! Teh stupid! It burns!
Pound for pound, the most error-filled Football Predictions Post in Byzantium's Shores history
A post in which my troubled relationship with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip begins
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is NOTNOTNOTNOTNOTNOTNOT a casserole, dammit!
A few good books you should read
Studio 60's second episode
Studio 60: I sure bitch a lot about this series
Nope, not content to stop writing about Studio 60
Space opera: I like it!
Wow, that's one big October snowstorm!
Breaking new ground! Writing about Studio 60.
Sports Memories

John Kerry hates everything about you!
How to Fix the NFL
How to prepare yummy chicken
The best James Bond Quiz ever!
A Boy, a Girl, and a Customs Agent

Overrated movies and my thoughts thereof
Blathering about Studio 60
God bless the xenophobes!
Bond is Back
My Christmas gifts for Blogistan!
Carl Sagan: The Candle Still Burns

Enjoy some or all of these posts. Enjoy them or the puppy gets it.

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