Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Late a President of the United States

I was five years old when Gerald Ford left office as President, so I have no memories at all of his political life. From what I've read, he was a genial President and what the country needed in the aftermath of Watergate. Personally, I've always believed that his pardoning of Richard Nixon was probably the right thing to do, and that things might have been better had Ford been elected in 1976. (For one thing, had Ford been elected in 1976, there likely would never have been a President Reagan. And if no President Reagan, then maybe no Bush dynasty.)

That's about all I can say about Ford, really. His whole time as President was spent during a time when my most pressing concerns were how soon Sesame Street would be on.

When I read the news this morning, I have to admit that my first thought was not of anything Ford ever did, but of the line in Airplane!: "He's alive, but unconscious. Just like Gerald Ford." I wonder if Ford was the first President to find himself a regular punchline, given the concurrent rise of Saturday Night Live? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Anyway, condolences to the Ford family.

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