Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sentential Links #80

OK, I weakened: here's a Sentential Links post.

But before I get to the links, I had an idea for either next week's post, or the one the week after: I'd like to expand it from a list of links to posts I read in a single week to posts anyone else read in 2006. So, if you have any blog posts that stuck in your mind and you'd like them linked herein, feel free to leave the links in comments. And feel free to link your own blogs! Go ahead and pimp your own stuff, if you had a post that you especially liked only to see it vanish into the Archival Aether. For now, I'm limiting submissions to two per individual. You can use both to pimp your own blogs, or neither; and if you're just a blog reader and not a blogger yourself, feel free to leave a URL to whatever posts struck your fancy, on whatever blogs. (Fair warning, though: I probably won't be linking any right-wing politics posts, because I'm just not a right-winger. So don't submit lots of those. Other than that, anything goes, and submissions don't have to be from my own blogroll, either. In fact, the more submissions that come from blogs I don't read, the better!)


:: So here's a lovely Christmas tale from 1991 involving my ex. (Those are the best ones!)

:: look! a farmboy wow! check out the destiny! instant grown-up dragon! mentor! evil wizard! platonic love interest! minor confrontation! hidden fortress! major confrontation! is she dead?! of course not! come back for the sequel! (More a parenthetical note than a sentential link, but there it is.)

:: [Undesirable experience] made my [sensory organ] bleed. (Oy.)

:: I guess it's because I didn't grow up in a WD-40 family. (WD-40 is the key to world peace.)

:: Ah, the six-year-old Gore joke. What would an article about politics and the web be without it?

:: A Christmas story of how Billy Idol defeated Manuel Noriega and ended the 1980s.

:: T’was the night before Christmas
and all through the world,
not a creature had evolved yet,
not even a bird.

All for this week, what with less surfing than usual and people mostly posting less anyway. Remember to submit links to The Best Stuff You Read in 2006, as per the guidelines above!

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Roger Owen Green said...

I guess I'll p[ick http://rogerowengreen.blogspot.com/2006/10/john-bobby-and-john-mixed-cd.html, specifically:
WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS KNOW IS LOVE/ABRAHAM, MARTIN, AND JOHN...When my family and I were visiting Fred Hembeck and his family this past summer, Fred and I started talking about this very song. We weren't SURE we were talking about the same song; one of us remembered the Abraham part, while the other remembered the Love part, or maybe it was the kid section.

Mostly, because it led to a couple other lengthy posts, about, of all things, the Royal Guardsmen.