Monday, December 04, 2006

Still hatin' on the Barbies

Spoilers for last night's The Amazing Race:

Yippee, the Barbies are gone! That makes me happy. I couldn't stand them, as I indicated last week. Their fate was sealed in that they didn't come in first after being "marked for elimination" last week, and what a good thing. God, they were irritating.

A commenter on that post mentioned that the Barbies were fairly positive, which I can't deny; they never did seem to fight one another at all. (Of course, how much of that is due to editing and picking of footage is something to wonder.) What bothered me about the Barbies was that they exhibited utterly no sense of direction at all; their general approach was to bat their beautiful blue eyes and blond locks wherever the Race took them, in order to get some local guy (always a guy) to hop in their car and personally guide them to wherever they were going, while everyone else had to make do with directions given in unfamiliar languages. At every juncture when the Barbies were alone and had to find their own way, they were always at sea (at one point, they were literally at sea).

I also hated their constant mispronunciation of the fairly famous locales they visited, and the way they just seemed to have no sense of wonder for it all. They've just traveled the world, and seen things that I will almost certainly never get to see, and yet they were so focused on the Race itself that the Race might as well have been a Race through Greater Cleveland.

As for the remaining teams, I'm rooting for either Alabama (the two single moms) or the two guys (whose names I can't remember for the life of me). The remaining couple is supremely irritating.

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Anonymous said...

I have a hard time picking a 'favourite' team now, because no one seems to have that 'rise above the mayhem' spirit like in previous seasons -- like the Hippies! I've been known to just skip the end of these types of shows when there isn't a 'good' winner to root for. We'll see if there isn't something better on next sunday that superceeds (sp? That just doesn't look right no matter how I spell it!) TAR.