Thursday, December 07, 2006

For Carl

The 20th of this month -- two weeks from yesterday -- will mark the tenth anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing, and this blogger is organizing a Blogistan-based memorial of Dr. Sagan's life and works on that date:

In his honor, I am organizing a special memorial "blog-a-thon" among Sagan's fans throughout the blogosphere. If you're a Sagan fan with a blog, you can participate by posting something related to him on or near that date. Read or reread a Sagan book and review it; discuss cool things that you've done that's been influenced by him; pontificate on one of the many topics he treated (SETI, astronomy, critical thinking, the history of science, human intelligence....), or post about something completely surprising.

This effort is endorsed by Sagan's son, author Nick Sagan. I will be participating; Carl Sagan ranks on my list of personal heroes and influences with Hector Berlioz, JRR Tolkien, George Lucas, Sergei Rachmaninov, and any of the other luminaries on whose behalf I have waxed poetic in this space. And if any of my readers are of similar mind regarding Carl Sagan, feel free to join in on posting on the 20th.



Anonymous said...

Carl Sagan had a huge influence on my life. He is the person that introduced me to SETI though a small book I found in the bookstore of my village back in 1982. Because of that book I have enjoyed a fascinating journey of learning about the subject. You can see my write-up on my experience at:

I was also honored to meet him and shake his hand at a SETI conference in Toronto in 1989.

His views on religion and his love of science and have shaped my life.

Kristine said...

He was my biggest hero during my adolescence but I never met him. His death was an enormous loss to me. At times he was my sole guide. I am glad to do this little thing for him, at least, for the universe that he opened up to me.

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, I will, though I don't have gobs to write...