Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winning friends and influencing people

Advice from my life that will be useless to anyone else out there, unless they're actually living my life: Putting four pairs of overalls in the tumble dryer at the same time doesn't really help in the "quiet" department of apartment building life.

(Usually I split 'em up over several loads, but tonight I'm only doing one load, so I figured I'd wash 'em all at once. Bad idea, that. All that metal banging around in there? I may as well have chucked a handful of marbles into the dryer.)

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popeyemoon said...

When I did my stepdaughters laundry,when she was in high school,It drove me nuts and onetime it damaged the dryer. Belt buckles sewed to pants,strings with metal parts.Glad she is in college doing her laundry herself paying her dues.