Monday, December 04, 2006

Sentential Links #77

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:: The people of Japan have an interesting mental relationship with the battleship Yamato. (Scroll down to first of two entries dated 12-3, since SDB doesn't do permalinks anymore. [WHY, DAMN YOU, WHY???] Anyhow, I'd point out that the tradition of ill-fated fictional incarnations of the Yamato includes Star Trek, in which the sister ship of the NCC-1701D (the Galaxy-class Enterprise of TNG) is also named Yamato, and which is as ill-fated as the real-life Japanese battleship.)

:: It's college. I don't need an 'undisputed champion'. Do you? (No, I don't. In fact, I rather liked the old system, when you could have different teams finish #1 in two polls! It gave something to talk about. Besides, how many playoff teams would there be, and how many games would a playoff involve? Do we really want kids that young playing the equivalent of an NFL regular season?)

:: It appears that Spitzer is going to pass his first test as Governor with flying colors. (Coming from a guy who has set his own personal bar pretty high for Spitzer, this is quite a thing.)

:: Fair warning, though: not since Alien³ has the beginning of a sequel so casually ruined the happy ending of its prequel for no perceptible reason. (Technically, this should be reversed, since AlienCubed came out after the item the Tensor is writing about here.)

:: Toppling a regime that was a potential threat to its neighbors and to the USA is an accomplishment if and only if it's not replaced with a more threatening situation like, say, pervasive chaos.

:: For the past couple of months, I've been undergoing total Rocky Horror immersion, culminating over the weekend with the arrival of the 15th Anniversary boxed set. (It's just a jump to the left! This is a newly-minted group blog, by the way, featuring a bunch of lunatics from Texas. But it's OK; they're the good kind of lunatics from Texas. Their tagline is "A nexus of speculative word and thought". Check it out.)

:: What's new in the mix is all the Cheetos-stained wretches back home whose "independence" leads them to swallow whole the story offered by government authorities with a proven track record of propagating false information.

And here we thought stenography was a problem with the press corps. It's got nothing on the right-wing blogosphere.
(Amen and all, but do we gotta bash the Cheetos? I love me some Cheetos....)

:: So, Gentle Readers, are you also sick to death of blue television? Do you want fun TeeVee back?

:: Although I have a deep faith that teaches me Joy will be reunited with her parents, siblings, grandson and others as she goes to meet the savior, and I know without question that when my time comes I will see her again, for now I’m left bereft and empty to not have her here to continue to shape and guide my life.

:: Let your heart be a kitchen, making warmth and food. Let your heart be a bed, making safety and rest. Let your heart be a cradle, an embrace, and this planet will be a home for us all, a vessel of life gleaming in the starry darkness of eternal sky.

All for this week. Thanks for some great writing out there, Blogistan!

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