Saturday, December 30, 2006

A reminder!

In case anyone missed it, I'm taking submissions for a special Sentential Links post, in which my readers can submit links to posts from any blogs they wish, highlighting any post from the past year they found worthy. Details at the head of this post. If I don't get enough submissions, obviously I can't do the Special Post! The only "rule" is that I'd like to avoid political stuff if possible, mainly because I'm unlikely to willingly link a right-wing political post, and I do enough highlighting left-wing political stuff on my own.

Leave submissions in comments either here or on the earlier post.


Anonymous said...

Here's my personal list:
No Love Left in the World, by Jen Lemen
Off Duty Princesses by Jen Mattern @ Breed 'em and Weep
Happy 80th Dad by Jon @ Blurbomat
I for one, welcome our new domestic overlord by Simon @ Simian Farmer

p.s. Thanks so much for your "best of" post. Made for literal hours of procrastination at work. Hope that you and your family have a fabulous new year!

Anonymous said...

So, I'm not sure if you're still soliciting, or whether I should suggest posts more than once, but I found one more that I really loved this year... by Rae @