Monday, December 18, 2006

Sentential Links #79

This will probably be the last installment of Sentential Links for 2006, as Christmas Day and New Years both fall on Mondays, and since my computer time will be sporadic at best over the next couple of weeks. (Although I do reserve the right to do a special edition or some such thing.)

Click away, folks!

:: My grandparents were very proud to be able to buy us all a steak dinner - something we could never afford.

However, this was a CHINESE FOOD restaurant.

:: But in the end, most small presses have one very important thing in common with most big publishers:

They are out to make a buck.
(This is part one in a series of lengthy posts about Colleen Doran's experiences in the small-press comics world. Which reminds me that I need to get off my ass and finish reading A Distant Soil one of these days. At least, the first three volumes, at any rate.)

:: But these dreams lately have been weird. No, I'm not going to describe them. If I put them into words and posted them on the internet, it would just lead everyone to try to figure out what they mean, and I think that's crap. (Heh. Drew's blogging again. No one escapes Blogistan unless Blogistan wants them to escape!)

:: Two thirds of arguments, I think, could be boiled down to this final exchange.

"Was this really the best you could do?"
"Then okay."

:: It just appears to me that too many folks view heaven as nothing more than an adult-rated Romper Room.

:: I woke up yesterday morning with what can only be a sugar hangover. (Tell me about it. This year I've added a second pancreas.)

:: One of the small pleasures of doing customer service this time of year is answering the hundreds of customer e-mails that pour in - especially at the last minute from panicking people who are desperate that their attentions are seen to. (SDB linked this one. It's worth nothing just for the stuff about when your credit card is denied: the retailer or restaurant or other business you're transacting with is not told why your card is denied. The little machine doesn't flash a message at us saying something like, "Holy shit, this guy is already $300 over his limit and hasn't made a payment in months! Don't take his card!" It just says, "Card denied" or "Transaction not approved" or something like that. This is one of those "Don't shoot the messenger" moments.)

:: Dr. Joshua Coleman has discovered the way to improve a couples' sex life and all the world is on the edge of their seat in anticipation to learn about his amazing new discovery... (Turns out the answer does not involve Cool Whip, so I can't say I'm terribly interested. Feh!)

:: I saw a perfect description of the patriarchy while I was at Dickens Faire last week.

:: And Stephen Hawking agrees with me. So there.

:: As for me, I will no longer support him in any way. I'm going home tonight and I'm removing every Michael Crichton book from my library. (Thankfully, I've never read any Crichton.)

:: Architects who design bathrooms with two doors should be dragged out into the street and shot. (Huh? Two doors? Who the hell does this?!)

:: I realize, as this guy is whipping Daniel Craig's crotch with tarred rope, that this is the Royal Premiere. That right now the Queen of England is watching Daniel Craig get whipped in the balls. (I can't remember if I linked this before, but it's worth revisiting.)

:: I would just like to take a moment to express my surprise and pleasure at being selected Time's Man of the Year. (Me too!)

OK, there may be an installment of Sentential Links next week after all. It's just too enjoyable a time, gathering them all. We'll see.

Warp speed!


LC Scotty said...

Since Coleman's answer doesn't involve coolwhip, is it too much to hope that it does involve Salma Hayek?

Anonymous said...

lol kelly....coleman is a bit slow imho as my darling husband figured this out years ago and yes, trust me, it is the best kind of foreplay which could lead to the cool whip .

Anonymous said...

Both my old house and the new one Ijust bought a few weeks ago have a dual-entry bath, and we love it. Not having to go into the hallway at night to go to the bathroom is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bond, where is your oft-promised review of Royale? Or should I just assume that my comments about the film cannot possibly be improved upon? (If that doesn't motivate, nothing will.)