Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who'da thunk it!

Huh. It turns out that a majority of Americans might not actually think that the government gathering information on everybody's phone calls is A-OK. Damn -- and the Right had that ten-point bump of George Bush's already spent. That's a shame.

But seriously, the more I hear about things like this, and the more defenses of them that I see, the more I think that the Right has just recycled all of its twenty-year-old "It's OK as long as it helps us beat the Communists!" arguments, and just crossed out the word "Communists" and written "Terrorists" in its place.

UPDATE: seems that the country wishes the last guy was still in charge. That's gotta hurt.

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Alec said...

I think my favourite thing about all of this was when Fox news tried to spin the story so that the focus was on how releasing this story will help the terrorists win and make America less safe, and how the people that leaked the news should be punished if caught.

Somehow, I have trouble picturing hordes of terrorists rushing to sign up for messenger, suddenly being too scared of using the phone.