Monday, May 15, 2006

Destination: Vega!

My great space opera reading project has at last begun, with the Poul Anderson novel Ensign Flandry. This is actually a book I received for review from GMR, so my thoughts about it will appear in that venue as opposed to here.

I am still welcoming additional suggestions as to what to read in this SF subgenre. Feel free to e-mail me or leave comments in the original post (but use the Blogger comments, not the old system, please -- even though there are quite a few comments in the old thread).

(As I progress into the wonderful world of space opera, this will become a posting series.)


Anonymous said...

Flandry is classic; but there's better out there. Bujold, to begin with, as I commanded you a couple of months ago (funny, folks don't take my edicts seriously); Doyle and MacDonald's "MageWars" series (start with The Price of the Stars); and Brian Daley's Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds and its sequels; all are good fun. None (not even Bujold) get into the David Weber military SF vein that I seem to recall leaves you cold.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I didn't ignore your command! I read The Warrior's Apprentice, and enjoyed it greatly! Stand down! Lower your phaser! Aieee!!!