Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A very public service message.

OK, folks, I've decided that manually approving every comment to this blog is a pain in the ass, and it didn't really help matters anyway. It was, in all likelihood, and impediment to any conversations that might have taken place here, and I still had to manually delete spam comments anyway. Hopefully Blogger's word-verification thingie will be more effective.

I'm leaving the old comment system up for a while longer, probably a week or two, just to let the old threads remain accessible. But please do not comment on the old system anymore, as I'll be monitoring it less and less frequently, and thus comments would only get approved when I got around to checking in over there. I've set things up so that anyone can comment here, although it frankly is easier if you have a Blogger account. I'd recommend setting one up, as they're free, but anonymous commenting is allowed here. Just make sure you sign who you are, if that's the way it works.

YACCS was a good system, and it served me well for more than four years of blogging, and I thank them for their service.


Kelly Sedinger said...

This is how comments look now. I, for one, welcome my new commenting overlords!

Anonymous said...

I have a blogger account but for some reason it will never let me comment. Every time I try it just keeps prompting me to sign in or create an account.

bella said...

Its quite the change! I got an account the other day, so I could comment on PBW's site; haven't done much with it yet. And, unfortunately, it doesn't link me back to my 'real' blog... may have to fill up the new one as well, I suppose.