Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sentential Links #51

Click 'em while they're hot, folks:

:: What I really want to say is director Brett Ratner is a club, and the X-Men are a baby seal. (I love it when Mr. Jones dislikes a movie. And one of his sub-points about X3 -- his view that it's overstuffed with characters -- is something that's really got me concerned about the next Spiderman flick, which from what I've read will include just about every character who ever appeared in an issue of Spiderman, possibly minus Jean DeWolff.)

:: There was a time when you couldn't throw a brick in Concord without hitting someone carrying a fresh letter of acceptance from the Atlantic Monthly in their pocket. (I had a hard time picking between two particularly good posts of Mr. Mannion's this week.)

:: Then there's the sound of a father shaking out a blanket to spread over the boy and then the noises of a computer ordered to boot itself to the ready and now just the sound of typing. (The hell with it. It's my blog, so here's the other of Mr. Mannion's posts.)

:: To those who object to the use of da Vinci since it's a prepositional phrase, I have an example for you to consider that might convince you to soften your position. Ready? (I do love a good "Why didn't I think of that!" moment.)

:: The problem is, these yahoos have managed an ugly trick. They have turned criticism of the policies of Bastards in Suits into criticism of The People in Uniform Getting Shot At. This, of course, is completely wrong, as one can easily tell the difference between the Bastards in Suits and The People in Uniform Getting Shot At. One group is in Suits, and Not Getting Shot At, while another is in Uniform, and Getting Shot At. Please, try to grasp this. Not the same. (via TBogg)

:: And excuse me if this puts you off, Mr. Web 2.0 writer, but could we maybe retire the phrase "former Star Trek actor?" (Geez, that former Stand By Me actor is pretty touchy, isn't he?)

:: Worse, Ringo has a taste for sex games and fantasies of a sort I really dislike, and after showing a certain amount of restraint in the previous book he lets himself go again here. (Happens every time I get tempted to try a John Ringo book, someone brings this up....)

:: The rain has begun. Out to the deck and the hot tub, to be immersed from all directions. (Ahhh, hot-tubbin' in the rain. But you know what's better? Hot-tubbin' in the snow.)

That's it for now. Join us next week and stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Re: John Ringo--in the book I was reviewing, it's the discussions of rough sex by the characters that are annoying; little happens on screen. In Cally's War, which I've yet to review, there were some scenes that I read only closely enough to be sure I wasn't missing any plot points. Because I just hate not finishing a book once I've started it.