Thursday, May 18, 2006


According to the Blogger stats, this is the five thousandth post at Byzantium's Shores.

Thanks to all who read this stuff on a regular, quasi-regular, sporadic, semi-sporadic, drive-by, or whacked-out-Google-search basis.

As a five-thousand-post celebration thing, feel free to hop into Comments and try to capture, in one sentence, the essence of this blog. The winning entry will be -- deemed to be the winning entry.

Oh, and always remember: Mahna mahna!


Sean Meade said...

congrats, Jaq!

i can't do a sentence, but here a few ideas that come to mind:

Buffalo, tragic loss, NFL, (mostly classical and film) music, writing, quizzes and lists, coveralls...

and Star Wars!

Simon said...

Classical music is even more underrated than some fabulously hot chicks like Tea Leoni; the New England StuPats deserve as much derision as the Bills do accolades - or at least a smattering of fan support; the prequal movies WERE fine cinema if you'll just get over your fan-boy, Jar-Jar bashing snivelling; Buffalo (and area) is a dang fine place to live (allegedly); right-wing nut jobs are the bane of this beautiful You Ess of Eh; kids are the source of the greatest joy and sorrow fathomable on this green Earth, and if you can find a more practical, comfortable and timeless fashion statement than a good pair of overalls, the world would be your oyster.

(I hope judicious use of semi-colons still counts.)

Anonymous said...

Well... how can I possibly top that. I can't think of much of anything, just: Long-haired guy in overalls writes about life and related trivia.

redsneakz said...

Wow. How about "A father, a critic, a social conscience, a rolling stone who gathers friends and admirers like a magnet gathers metal shavings..."

Okay, so it's a fragment. But it works for me

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Well done, sir. May the next 5000 be everything the first were, only more so.


Anonymous said...

Congrats ... this is the ONLY blog that I read almost daily.

The downside of reading a blog this good is that I don't find other blogs as interesting, so just skip them!

Kudos and keep up the good work.


Pat said...

I've only been here for the past 10 or so, but looking forward to the next 4990.