Saturday, May 13, 2006

So THAT's what Marv was talking about

When Marv Levy was named General Manager of the Buffalo Bills last January, he made it very clear that "character" was going to be the main factor he used in deciding which players to bring on board the team through free agency and the draft. "Good talent plus poor character will lose", he said. Clearly, then, he didn't approve of the kinds of individuals his predecessor, Tom Donahoe, had brought aboard.

So this week, apparently Willis McGahee, the current starting running back and the unquestionable crown jewel of Donahoe's tenure, opened his mouth in an interview and demonstrated some good character:

Q: Do you think you'll always live in Miami?

A: I think I'll always come back to Miami. I don't know about live in it. I need to get out of it because I'm bad.

Q: Would you describe yourself that way?

A: No, I've calmed down a whole lot.

Q: Was there anything that made you calm down?

A: My kids. I got two kids.

Q: How old are they?

A: One of them is 15 months and the other is five months.

Q: So far, what's the most difficult thing about fatherhood?

A: Nothing right now. Not for me. Just dealing with the mother. That's the difficult part. After that, everything is cool.

Q: What's more troublesome, an ex-wife or a baby momma?

A: A baby momma.

Q: Why?

A: Because they feel like they should be a part of your life for 18 years. An ex-wife, you can get away from her. A baby momma, you can't get away from her until the child is 18 or older. They're going to constantly ask you for money. They just want to nag you for no reason, just because they can. (Willis has never been married.)

Now, there's not a lot of context here, so it could be the case that McGahee fathered two children with women who are, well, not of particularly good character themselves. But even if that were the case, and the mothers of McGahee's two children were golddiggers who were constantly hitting on him for money, well -- one still wouldn't say that in a print interview, right?


And by the way, Mr. McGahee: the mother of your children is in your life for a lot longer than eighteen years. Parenthood is a "for life" kind of thing.

(via BFLOBlog)

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