Saturday, May 13, 2006

It'! (snif snif)

The Wife called me at work the other day to report on something she'd seen whilst out and about, something she knew I'd want to know about. I was excited by what she'd told me, but I kept it in until today, when I went out and saw for myself, just to make sure she hadn't misinterpreted what she'd seen.

She didn't.

It's true.

Borders is coming to the Southtowns. Specifically, to Quaker Crossing, the new shopping center right off Milestrip Road in my own hometown.

For the first time, I won't have to drive across the Buffalo metro region, at least to Cheektowaga, to go to a good bookstore. In fact, the distance is such that if doing so didn't involve crossing at least two major four-lane thoroughfares, I could walk to one.

It's the Southtowns, bitches!

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