Monday, May 15, 2006

Damn you, Thought Vampire!!!

Because The Daughter likes watching it for the goofy games the contestants have to play on the beach, the last couple of iterations of Survivor have become staples in our household. Usually I read or do other stuff, because I've never much liked Survivor and the way it bestows a massive financial reward on people whose behavior would make me despise them in real life. But I actually got interested this time, because a guy named Terry did something pretty remarkable: he won five consecutive "immunity challenges" -- i.e., those stupid games on the beach -- to stay alive to the final three. This meant that if he'd made the final two, he'd have been able to claim to the jury that he played everything straight up. In other words, he would have become the first Survivor contestant to be able to look those people in the eye and say, "I didn't get here by screwing at least one of you."

Alas, Terry lost out, and the final two ended up being two little shits that I'd probably hate if I knew them in person.

Stupid Survivor.

(And really, I've never liked the show much, but don't regular fans get tired of the exact same formula, each time out? Sure, the "hidden immunity idol" adds a dash of spice, but not nearly enough, and you end up with the same thing: about halfway through the show's run, at the "merge" of the tribes, the bigger tribe just picks off the smaller tribe one by one; and by the tenth or twelfth time we've been through all this, how many subtitled scenes of whispered conversation do we need? And don't the locations all look the same by now? Why not go somewhere besides remote tropical islands, like deep in the northern Rockies or, gasp, to a cold-weather clime?)

(Oh, and thanks a lot, NBC, for putting Aaron Sorkin's new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip up against CSI next year. Idiots. I'm sure the show will do fine in that timeslot, but now I gotta tape one and watch the other. Why not just do the humane thing and take ER out back and shoot it, thus freeing up a timeslot for Sorkin's new show?)

(Oh, and one more thing: I really like Grey's Anatomy, but Dr. McDreamy needs to get f***ing dope-slapped in the worst way. My God, that guy is annoying and completely undeserving of the love of two beautiful women!)

(And would someone please explain to me how it is that on Desperate Housewives, Bree can [head explodes])


Anonymous said...

I have liked some seasons of Survivor and not others. I barely watched the last one at all. You're right - it rewards people for back-stabbing and general bad behavior. The people I really can't stand are the ones who get all bent out of shape about another player "stabbing them in the back." Well DUH! What did they think the show was all about?

Tosy And Cosh said...

Opinions aside, the fact is that ER makes money for NBC. Until that changes, I really don't see then shooting it. It will be off teh air for a few months in early '07, though.