Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday Burst of Weirdness Explosive Destruction

Last week saw the demolition of a nuclear power plant's cooling tower in Oregon. You can watch it here. I found this interesting not just on the "blowing stuff up" account, but because I remember driving by this particular nuke plant when I was a kid and we lived for a time in Portland.

(I frankly don't get the whole anti-nuclear power vibe, by the way. Surely we can do it safer by now, right? And as scary as Three Mile Island was, we've never come close to having a Chernobyl, which wasn't exactly the best design for a nuke plant in the first place. But then, maybe I'm full of crap and nuke power is still inherently dangerous and I've just been lulled by the fact that Homer Simpson's been working at a nuke plant for years without any ill effects. Well, except for that one time...and that other time...and the time that Homer....)

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