Thursday, May 18, 2006

Greatest Race EVER!

[Spoilers for The Amazing Race]

My faith in television has been restored, thanks to the wonderment that is The Amazing Race. What a thing this was -- and the ending, with those wild and whacky hippies winning it all after courting certain disaster all along, was the greatest display of cosmic justice in human history. This show was so good that I think I can safely eschew series TV for life now, and if not for the fact that I need something to watch Star Wars on, I'd sell the TV right now, for nothing else I watch will ever capture the absolute joy of seeing B.J. and Tyler win that thing.

Long live B.J. and Tyler!

(Yeah, this post is purposely over-the-top, but in all seriousness, it just makes me happy to see those goofy guys win. They won me over several episodes back when one of them uttered the immortal line, "Don't touch the termite mounds, dude! They'll eat all the wood in your body!"

And from a pure production standpoint, TAR is just incredibly well done. It's beautifully shot, it's got terrific pacing, and it's full of the "sense of wonder" that's a hallmark of all the best travel writing. What a good show.

(Way to go, Alan. Next thing I know I'll be buying a diesel car.))

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the TAR brotherhood!