Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nifty things on the tee-vee!

And lo! there was much rejoicing throughout the land, and the people did dance and make merry and feast upon milk and honey and poppy-seed bagels with garden vegetable cream cheese, for new episodes of Scrubs began to air.

(Heather Graham has joined the cast. I think I can safely say that she'll be receiving the most coveted award in all the world, a Move Over Britney! mention, fairly soon.)

Oh, and I just watched about five minutes of Schwarzenegger's speech at the Republican Convention, just out of curiosity. I always watch less of the Republicans than I do the Democrats, and since I watched about 49 total minutes of the Democrats last month, I think I've reached my quota. Two things strike me about the design of the Republican convention: first, their podium really looks like a pastor's pulpit to me; and second, that swirling-screen background is really distracting. Especially when the background directly behind the speaker is red, but then the network shifts to a side image so it's blue. I'm sure that would make my eyes hurt, except that since it's the Republicans, I won't be seeing much of it. Good thing for that. (I wonder if there's psychological stuff coded into those swirling colors...like a lava lamp....)

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