Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Your caustic metaphor of the day!

John Scalzi on his decision to abandon political blogs for a while:

Going into a political blog these days is to be transported into a room of people who get off on smelling their own farts; the musty self-pleasuring scent of people too pleased with the result of their digestions to crack a window and let in some air. Well, mazel tov, kids. Have fun and see you after the election.

After the election? You might want to wait until after the Inauguration, seeing as how one of these two sides will be puffed up in all manner of insufferable triumphalism. It'll either be "At last, maybe the Republicans will return to sanity and the world will like us again! Huzzah!" or "See! The Democrats are now doomed to historical failure, like the Whigs! Hooray!"

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