Sunday, August 29, 2004

Help! Our football team is made of balsa wood!

In the last week or so, the Buffalo Bills have seen injuries to both backup quarterbacks, Travis Brown and JP Losman. That second one really hurts, because Losman is the 2004 first-round draft pick who's supposed to be Drew Bledsoe's heir-apparent, and now instead of getting reps and learning the pro game, he's on the sidelines until November at the earliest and may actually be put on Injured Reserve (which would keep him out of the 2004 season entirely). And Lawyer Milloy, the starting safety, broke his arm in yesterday's preseason game.

And the offensive line apparently still sucks.

This is gonna be a long year, methinks. Especially if I have to watch another 14-2 campaign by the Stupid Patriots.

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