Sunday, August 01, 2004

Traffic Babbling

Yup, time for some navel-gazing. Keep scrolling if navel-gazing bores you.

July was my lowest month for total hits since January, which still holds the record for most hits here. I could be unhappy about that, but it would be pointless to be so, because it's really not something I can control, and anyway, I'm happy that Byzantium's Shores is receiving links from an ever-increasing pool within Blogistan, as opposed to receiving traffic from a small number of like-minded blogs. This leads me to believe that while I am by no means a heavily-trafficked blog, the traffic that I do receive is fairly diverse, and thus my general traffic level is likely to be fairly robust. Or so I'd like to believe.

Anyway, that's it for July (except to say, Thanks to my readers both regular and occasional.)

One other traffic-related item: last week or so I noticed a sudden spike in referrals from Punning Pundit, which surprised me because Andrew's linked me before and yet none of those links ever resulted in as many clustered hits as that one did. (I'm talking about thirty or forty hits from Andrew's blog in a single day, and since my average traffic is currently around 130 hits a day, that's a lot.) After some investigation, I discovered what had happened: Dean Esmay, who is one of the heavier-trafficked blogs out there, linked Andrew, and when Mr. Esmay's readers went to Andrew's blog, one of the very first posts they saw was the one in which he had linked me. So I had a sort-of "ripple effect" from Dean Esmay, for which I thank him for his part, even though I'm not sure he's ever read my blog.

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