Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

I've always liked "scientific kookery": those whacko "theories" that are little more than conjectures with little or no evidence behind them, that still somehow to find lots of adherents amongst folks who are to other appearances perfectly reasonable people. I'm talking stuff like UFOlogy, Graham Hancock's ideas about a very ancient technological civilization on Earth (predating the last Ice Age), and "Hollow Earth" theorists who think that the world is, well, "hollow".

That last is a really fun one, and via MeFi I now see that if you have a spare $20,000 lying around, you can join an expedition departing in 2006 for the hole in the Arctic Ocean that leads inside our planet! Now who wouldn't want to do something like that?

Since this expedition seems to draw heavily on Eskimo myths, I can only surmise that these people were too busy munching popcorn in the Indiana Jones movies when Dr. Jones warns his students against folklore and "taking mythology at face value". Or that they missed the episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus in which the guy with double-vision is going to lead an expedition to climb "both peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro".

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