Friday, August 06, 2004

O for a Magic 8-Ball, that I might make sense of the signs around me!

I think that God, or some simulacrum thereof, decided to kibitz me a little in the writing department today. Remember my offhand mention of writing a script drawing on my experiences at The Store? Well, today saw the entry into The Store of both a squirrel and a bird, both of which resulted in scenes of High Farce in Real Life.

I almost think that my Muse, annoyed at my current state of sloth, finally said, "Hey, dumb-ass, here's some material! Now write, dumb-ass!" Yeah, I know, but there's not much you can do when your Muse looks like this guy.

(BTW, the research request I floated in the earlier post linked above is no longer active, since I've decided that by virtue of the replies I received, the scene I had in mind would be highly improbable, for several reasons. Oh well.)

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