Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Blogistanic Observation

I've noticed in recent months that my tastes in blogs are shifting a bit. Even as the election season nears and the campaigns heat up, I'm tacking away from the purely political blogs -- I still check Drum and Yglesias regularly, and TBogg a few times a day, but the rest seem to get visited by me only once a day or so, and I've increasingly gone two or three days at a time without hitting Eschaton.

At the same time, I'm more keenly interested in the "cultural" blogs, like Lynn Sislo and Scott Spiegelberg and Alex Ross and Terry Teachout. And I'm also becoming more interested in the "daily diary" types of blogs, the ones that just put up ruminations on their bloggers' lives and comment on things like recent dates and gifts their roommates have given them and the like.

No real point here, just the observation. As I note, it's been trending this way for a while now, so this isn't attributable to the problems with Kid Number Two.

Anyway, moving on.

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