Sunday, August 08, 2004

Do you take this man? OK, how about THIS man? or THIS one?

Congratulations to Mandalei (I have no idea if that's her real name) on becoming engaged and, more importantly, getting to finally read bridal magazines without pretense.

In a related note, I've decided to address my current reading slump by dipping into The Wife's bookshelf, since nothing on my own really appeals right now. So I'm going to be reading a couple of romance novels and other stuff clearly marketed toward the "wimminfolk": you know, front covers with pictures of glasses of wine and the title in looping cursive script and the like. One thing that always amuses me is that men complain incessantly that they have no understanding of women at all, and yet, there's all this written material out there like magazines and novels that men could surely peruse to gain some insights into women, and yet, they don't. Weird. But then, my general opinion of "maleness" is pretty low to begin with.

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