Friday, August 27, 2004


In my absence, Jason Streed observed his blogiversary. As one of the people who diligently bullied him into setting up residence in Blogistan, I'm happy to see him reach this goal. Now he needs to be a bit less "spurty" in his posting habits. Posting (nearly) daily is the key to salvation, folks. (Said the guy who is about to adopt a policy of posting whenever the hell I feel like it.)

Also in my absence, Aaron revealed that his wife (whom I still suspect of being a vampire) is now in the process of gestation. No doubt Aaron believes that his little brood will be a born trombonist or guitarist, but I know better: Krista will have that kid banging on stuff with sticks by the time he's, oh, finished his APGAR testing.

Also in my absence, Darth Swank turned 61 years young. (This figure may be incorrect.) Happy Birthday, after the fact, to him!

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