Monday, August 30, 2004

Did we get ceded to Canada while I wasn't blogging?

In this post, Alex Ross identifies a place in New York State called the Rodgers Book Barn, which looks like one of the niftiest used-book stores in existence. I gotta get there.

But to pick a brief bone with Mr. Ross, he identifies this bookstore thusly: "...the other chief cultural destination in upstate New York". (The first being, I assume, the Shostakovich Festival to which he refers earlier in the same post. Italics added.)

Given that Buffalo is generally held to be in Upstate New York, I find it distressing that apparently Buffalo doesn't have any cachet as a cultural destination. I mean, we do have our own Philharmonic, our own highly regarded art gallery, and a pretty good theater and music scene. And we manage to have it all in an economy that's still waiting for the George Bush jobs bounce. (George Herbert Walker Bush, that is. I don't know if there's a place in the United States that managed to so completely miss the Clinton Boom the way Buffalo did.)

To invoke an oft-used Usenet expletive, Hurg!

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