Sunday, August 08, 2004

IMAGE OF THE WEEK (Adolescent Male Edition)

A Wonder Woman montage.

Darth Swank linked this selection of the 50 sexiest cartoon babes, which is a fairly nifty list, although I can't imagine why anyone would put the woman from The Family Guy anywhere near a list like this, much less in front of such "cartoon babes" as Mary Jane Watson. (Speaking of whom, MJ only places fortieth? It looks to me like Peter Parker's not the only one who doesn't know what he's been missing.)

Of course, longtime readers will know what's coming right now, since I post it here every few months. I find the picture above stunningly gorgeous, and I once again renew my wish that someone would make a Wonder Woman movie (and do it well). But that still isn't quite my favorite picture of the beautiful Amazon. That would be this:

And perusing the 50 "cartoon babes" named, I find it odd that apparently nobody has seen the film Heavy Metal; otherwise, surely Taarna would make the cut. I mean, well....

I mean, how on Earth can the woman from The Family Guy hold a candle to that? Much less Betty or Veronica from Archie?! Taarna would cut off all their heads before going off to save the universe from the Loc-Nar. (I know, it sounds dumb. So's the movie.)

(BTW, the image gallery in the Taarna site linked above is NOT safe for work. Unless you work in a comic-book shop, or some other emporium wherein nudity and bondage are par-for-the-course.)

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