Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Body Language, part II

The other day I offered a few suggestions as to how to tell if he is interested, in terms of "body language". I closed by noting my complete ignorance as to how to tell if she is interested. But in comments, Mary Messall charged in and helped out, which I reproduce here:

Does she laugh at everything you say? And agree to almost anything you suggest? Does she lower her eyes when you look at her? Is her tone confiding -- as if she's telling secrets or confessing sins? Does she apologize a lot? When she's expecting to see you, is she dressed better (or more revealingly) than the other women nearby? Does she hover nearby, even in a crowded room, even if you move?

God help me if I'm ever "out there" again...but then, I'm fairly certain no women ever behaved thus toward me even when I was "out there". (The ultimate mystery, then, is why I'm not still "out there". I've been puzzling over that one for years, myself.)

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