Sunday, August 29, 2004

That's great TV.

I haven't watched much of the Olympic coverage, for various reasons, most of which are pretty obvious. Generally, though, I echo the complaints about NBC's "Let's go to a volleyball match! And now that you're interested in that, here's a couple of gymnasts! Enough of that, time for the kayakers! And a soccer game! Here's a bit of basketball! Here's ten minutes of the closing ceremonies, and then we'll show some marathon coverage!" Ugh.

But still, they just cut away for a moment to the Women's Beach Volleyball final, which the Americans won. Truth be told, I didn't really care about the outcome, but I kind of dug watching these two very athletic and quite tall American women hugging each other and rolling around in the sand after they won. Sort of made me think of a Bud Light commercial.

UPDATE: Sweet Jesus. Now NBC is showing more coverage of Olympic events, after they've televised the end of the closing ceremonies, right down to the dousing of the Olympic flame (which I for the life of me can't decide if the Big Torch in Athens looks more like a giant marijuana joint or a super-sized Parker 51 fountain pen). What the hell? Is this actual coverage, or are they just digging into archives or something? This telecast is so disjointed it scares me.

But then, NBC is also the same network, if memory serves, that managed to fail to televise the pileup on the pitcher's mound after Atlanta won the 1995 World Series.

No wonder this network lost the NFL.

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