Sunday, August 29, 2004

An Epistolary Tribute

My friend Robert Guttke, an artist from Minneapolis whose medium is photography, recently decided to utilize the Web to honor his long friendship with mystery author Charlotte MacLeod, which was conducted via the exchange of many letters. Since the letter is a vanishing thing in this age of e-mail and instant messaging, there's something especially poignant about reading these (especially in light of Ms. MacLeod's more recent illness, which has stilled her pen). As Robert notes in his introductory text, he did not want the letters to languish, forgotten, at the bottom of a drawer.

Robert's tribute to Charlotte can be found here. Please check it out. It's very touching, and it certainly has me intending to track down some of MacLeod's works. Robert was kind enough to ask my help in deciphering some of Ms. Macleod's handwriting, a task which I hope I performed with some degree of accuracy.

This is the kind of thing for which the Web was meant.

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