Saturday, May 22, 2004

You didn't say it would be THIS good!

For some years now, I've been pretty much blowing off all this stuff about singing the praises of Mozilla as the rantings of a bunch of otherwise-mild-mannered Bill Gates-hating maniacs. "Yeah, yeah," I'd say. "Tabbed browsing, who needs it? Stability? PAGH! Go on, don't bother me!"

Except that I am now writing this post on Mozilla in the first hour of using it. (This just in: tabbed browsing rules, and I've had the tabs going for about eight minutes now.) Of course, one hour probably isn't long enough to make a final decision -- I'll give it a week or so -- but I've gotta say, it's looking pretty grim for Internet Explorer in these parts. I don't want to totally disparage IE; it actually served me pretty well, for my purposes, for the last seven years and only reached an unacceptable level of poor performance last week. But if Mozilla continues to impress, well -- so long, IE, and thanks for all the fish.

(I mean, I've just glanced over at Pharyngula, and my immediate thought was, "Holy crap, so that is how that blog is supposed to look! Of course, I also think PZ is still a bit visually-challenged, because I think I even look like less of an axe-murderer in Mozilla. Heh.)

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