Friday, May 14, 2004


The H.H. Richardson Complex, Buffalo, NY.

This imposing structure dominates the campus of Buffalo State College. It is a superb example of Buffalo's great architecture from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries -- and it is in very dire need of restoration and even in danger of being lost, even though it is a registered historical landmark building. The usual suspects are, of course, to blame: the City of Buffalo can't afford to do the work, and the state and county refuse to help.

I was reminded of this building when I followed one of Steve of The Modulator's links, this one to Modern Ruins, a set of photographic essays of just that: buildings left to decay, like the Richardson complex (featured on the site here). One doesn't have to go to Greece and walk the Acropolis to see ruins.

More views of both the interior and exterior of the Richardson Complex are available at the site linked by the photo.

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