Friday, May 14, 2004

The saddest sign of summer

Undoubtedly, the most depressing sign of the onset of summer is the passing of children left buckled in their car-seats in hot weather while parents go off to do whatever. Sure enough, I see my first such instance today -- only this one's different, because a nine-year-old happened to walk by the car and observe the reddened, sweat-drenched infant.

Good God, people. CSI even did an episode that revolved around an infant left in a hot car. How can people not know this yet?

But then, not a day goes by at The Store that I don't observe a parent allowing a child to ride a shopping cart by standing on the front-edge of the bottom rack and hanging on to the front, so that any frontal-impact of that cart against another object will be softened by the child's body. So, I guess either people think it's not going to happen to them, ("I was only going in for just a minute), or they have no real idea of the danger ("I can stop the cart in time and I don't push fast"), or, well, child safety is something that goes away once you get to take the plastic plugs out of all the electrical outlets.

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