Thursday, May 27, 2004

New URL, same old sh**!

The former home of Nefarious Neddie has given way to the new home of Nefarious Neddie. Now he'll have an all-new URL for his once-a-month blogging habit. Zowie!

Anyhoo, Matt (that's his real name -- there's no way I'd associate with anyone actually called "Neddie") proceeds to write about how he hates musicals. I, of course, adore them as any long-time reader will know. And I'm a liberal, too, while Matt/Neddie is a conservative (or some simulacrum thereof). So what's the deal with the fact that I've known him longer than anyone in my life except my immediate family?

Star Wars bridges anything, man.

(UPDATE: It suddenly occurs to me the fundamental difference between Matt and myself. He seriously dislikes musicals and can't even begin to grok them, whereas I don't just love them but I wish I lived in one. I've just listened to "The Heather on the Hill" from the 1992 Angel/EMI re-recording of Brigadoon, and I thought, "Dammit, I really wish I could court a woman the way Tommy does in that show." But of course, I'm the loon who walks the aisles of The Store singing showtunes to myself while I sweep.)

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