Saturday, May 29, 2004

Time for an Intermittent Quiz

I mean to say, my taking of the quiz is what's intermittent. Not that the quiz itself is intermittent. Or something.

You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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I don't know that I agree with that, but there it is. I guess I'm not a "plot" writer in the sense that I rarely have much of the plotline worked out before I dig into a project. My attitude on outlines is, "Sure, I outline: but only once, and in such detail that the finished book/story is the outline." I also don't generate extensive character sketches for the main characters, because it seems to me that I'd rather get to know them in the course of the book the same way the reader would.

I also don't want to give the idea that I prize dialogue above all other facets of writing. I love good dialogue, and I would rather listen to good dialogue than bad or indifferent dialogue (as much as I love Star Wars, that love sure ain't focused on the dialogue, which is usually indifferent and occasionally downright bad), I've always found that a story can still captivate me even if its dialogue isn't all that great.

So what's my point here? That I guess I'm a writer who tries to pay as little attention to process as possible. Of course, this may well explain why I'm unpublished and just now trying to emerge from a lengthy stalled period. Go figure.

(quiz via Jay Blalock)

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