Saturday, May 08, 2004

A year gone by (or, measured in posts, 19)

Aaron celebrates a year in Blogistan -- a year which began after he succumbed to my incessant nagging. He says he may finally get round to the template redesign he promised one year and nineteen posts ago; when he actually does it, he should probably rename the blog in accordance with his posting practices. I suggest "Sporadica". Heh!

I also note that I talked Aaron into blogging, and in some versions of the tale, I also sold him on attending college where he did. My sales pitch was pretty low-key -- "Yeah, it's a nice school. Quiet. Not too many dumb people." -- but Aaron's pretty low-key himself, so there it is. Although I think he might still blame me for the fact that he ended up taking a course from the school's single most boring professor in his opening semester, but hey, I can't accept responsibility for everything. And since he got a gorgeous, drum-playing, motorcycle-riding, impervious-to-the-effects-of-age wife out of the bargain, I think the score's pretty even on that particular account.

(I also take this opportunity to point out Nefarious Neddie's recent blogiversary, two months ago, which went by completely unremarked. This is probably part of Neddie's plan to destroy all life on the surface of Pluto. I won't tell him that there likely isn't any life on the surface of Pluto. It'll be funnier that way.)

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