Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Yeah, yeah, more "New Blogger" stuff

OK, as long as I'm pretty much talking about nothing but the new version of Blogger (God, this blog must be dull right now), what happened to the feature of being able to change a post's date and time? Has that vanished or been superseded somehow?

UPDATE: OK, I found it. Directly underneath the posting box, a small bar says "More Post Options...", but I was thrown off because there's nothing else there. It turns out that by clicking this, a drop-down menu containing the Time/Date change tool appears. This is really not obvious, though. (Something I've noticed about Blogger over the years is that they often don't make things very clear.)

1 comment:

Aaron said...

It is still there for me (although the Mac interface is slightly different than the Wintel interface). It has moved from the right side of the post box to below.