Sunday, May 09, 2004

Where Things Stand

OK, folks, for right now I'm done playing around with the new Blogger toys. Things will probably look a bit "hinky" around here for a bit, until I'm able to do a complete republish of the entire blog. (I've tried several times, and it keeps timing out, no doubt because of all manner of other bloggers doing the same thing.)

I have, for the time being, decided to try out Blogger's comments, because I like the idea of the comments appearing with each post. But I have saved the old template on my hard drive, so in the event that I decide I prefered the way YACCS worked, I can easily switch back. (And if anyone from YACCS happens to read this, thanks for close to two years of service!) One thing that worries me is if Blogger's new comments will be vulnerable to the kind of comments-spam that has been plaguing Movable Type users in the last few months. The other thing that bugs me is that old comment threads are now scorched. I can still access them via my YACCS control panel, but that's it. But it happens. Everything is transitory, here in Blogistan.

I've also taken advantage of Blogger's new "conditional tags", whereby you can designate certain material to only appear on the main blog page, or only in the archives, or whatnot. This struck me as cool. Now, not only do I have each post appearing as a separate page (really, this is the only way to make archived permalinks workable), but I now have it set up so that the entire sidebar won't show up inside individual posts. (Click the permalink for this post to see what I'm talking about.)

Finally, I've created a Blogger Profile, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do something with it. If anyone has any ideas here, let me know. It seems kind of useless to just be sitting out there by itself, visible only to me.

So, anyway, here's the new-and-improved Byzantium's Shores. Kind of like the old one, but slightly more irrelevant. You know how it is....

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Jason said...

I created a Blogger Profile, too, and wondered what I should good it was if only I could see it. Then I realized I had to write the profile tag into the template. Is that what you mean?