Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Posing of Mr. Caruso

I recall that once, years ago during the first season of NYPD Blue, I was watching an episode with my family and my father suddenly exclaimed, "God, doesn't anybody on this show actually look at someone when they're talking to them?" I thought of this while reading Buffalo News critic Jeff Simon's take on David Caruso's acting style in today's paper:

"Caruso's solution to his actor's problem (THOU SHALT NOT 'ACT' may well have been a clause in his contract) is to goose up every line with some of the weirdest and most musical line readings in all of television.

He delivers a good half of them with hands on hips. And with shades on. Or looking to the right or left of the person he's speaking to, as if he can't bear to be seen full-face by a fellow actor delivering the lines he was given to say....He never undermines the show, mind you, but his insistence on overplaying as much as he can get away with makes his performance one of the nuttiest performances you'll see on television on a weekly basis. Imagine Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-0 crossed with William Shatner of the original Star Trek and you've got it."

It's a hilarious article, coming from a guy (Simon) who is rarely if ever hilarious. Check it out. The only glaring omission is that Simon doesn't point out the way Caruso always seems to strike his poses with the position of the Miami sun in mind.

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