Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Little Things I didn't realize

In the New Blogger interface, if you click "Edit Posts", you get a list of posts you can edit (the last ten, or twenty-five, or whatever). And if you click on the individual post titles, the complete text of the post appears below! That's pretty nifty. This feature, combined with the "Search" feature, seems to make it a lot easier to find a specific post.

And a couple of things that I don't like about Mozilla: First, when clicking "Back", Mozilla never seems to reload the page to which I am returning on its own. I have to click "Refresh" to update the cache. Secondly, Mozilla doesn't seem to recognize when I press the scroll-wheel on my mouse to activate "drag-scrolling", which is my preferred way of zapping up and down lengthy web pages. Small complaints, really. And lastly, for some reason, Mozilla doesn't seem to handle drop-down menus that appear via mouseover very well. is a good example of this.

No, there's no real point here. Carry on.

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