Sunday, May 23, 2004

If you're gonna act like an ass, at least learn your terminology!

So this evening I'm out walking along with The Daughter as she rides her bike (for some unknown reason, she actually stayed with me today, as opposed to executing her usual routine of leaving Daddy in the dust), and this big SUV driven by a teenager comes up behind us. Before turning down a side street, Beavis (the kid in the passenger street) leans out his window and shouts some derisive comment about my mullet. As I look to see who this turkey is, I see him leaning out the window, like a human Irish setter, shouting more incoherencies as the SUV hurtles down the side street toward what I can only surmise was the local meeting of the Saved By The Bell Cast Rejects Society.

The thing that got me wasn't that this idiot felt the need to shout something to Joe Blow who's out walking with his kid, since his subsequent behavior made clear that he was just plain going to shout out the window no matter who was there. No, what interested me was that he was apparently too damned stupid to notice that my hair is not a mullet. A mullet, as anyone with a clue is well aware, is short on the top, front and sides, while long in the back, whereas my hair is uniformly long.

I was hoping that Beavis and Screech would drive by again, so I could point out their error, but alas, they apparently reached their destination elsewhere. It's just sad to see so much effort at heckling completely wasted because of simple ignorance. Does no one teach these kids anymore?

(By the way, before writing this post I Google'd "mullet" just to make sure I was right. There are a lot of scary mullet-related sites out there. Just try the search yourselves. It's pretty freaky.)

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